About US

Trace Events, formerly A Trace of Elegance, thrives on creating memorable events throughout Metro Detroit and beyond! We see beauty and inspiration all around us and absolutely LOVE what we do.

What makes our approach to event planning different? We focus on cultivating personalized relationships with our clients while creating a streamlined, efficient and practical approach to event planning. Why? Because it makes your life easier and saves you time while building a relationship of a trusted advisor and friend.

Our goal as planners is to craft personalized experiences based on the uniqueness that sets YOU apart! As planners, we get great joy from celebrating your stories, sharing your passions and sharing moments of joy. After all, that’s what makes for a fantastic event and creates memories that last a lifetime.

We value creative collaboration and believe in community over competition and cultivating relationships with our clients, vendor partners and in our community.

Event planning is so much more than just simply making something look pretty. We take the time to learn about our clients and construct something beautiful, unique and representative of your individualized vision and personality! We produce fresh, elevated and impactful designs by intentionally selecting each design element and thinking through every possible detail for your event timeline.

If this sounds like what you’ve been searching for, then look no further! We look forward to creating beautiful experiences and memories with you.

meet tracy, aka trace

Founder & Lead event designer

I was born with creativity, passion and an entrepreneurial spirit flowing through my veins. As a child, I grew up planning elaborate tea parties with my sister and grandmother and this is when the event planning bug really grabbed hold. It continued in my teenage years as I planned school dances and went a tad overboard thinking up themes and design schemes for prom and homecoming while operating on a tight public-school budget. I also hosted a very punk rock “Anti-Valentine’s Day” party in my basement during freshmen year. (Please never make me show you photos.)

I took my talents to assisting with university-wide events at Grand Valley State University where I pursued my Bachelors degree in Journalism and Photography. After college, I chased a career in Marketing and Communications where I found myself pouring over details for upcoming trade shows, sales meetings and vendor events. Obsessing over these details brought me so much joy that I decided to make event planning part of my corporate career path. That kept my draw to event planning satisfied until one day I was sitting in an Accounting class for my Masters of Business Administration from Northwood University.

After planning countless events, weddings and showers for friends, family and friends-of-friends, it was during a lull in class that I decided to pursue creating my own wedding and special event planning company, Trace Events, formerly A Trace of Elegance. Mind you, this was all while working over 40 hours a week, moving into a new house, planning my own wedding and getting my MBA. See? I’m a master schedule-juggler and dream chaser.

When not in full Boss Lady Mode, I can be found curled up reading a good book while drinking a glass of wine with my dogs curled up at my feet and Hubs watching something ridiculous on TV (typically at way too loud of a volume).

Sound like we could be besties? Reach out to me and let’s grab a drink or cup of coffee.